Our Mission

To empower and equip national Christian churches and leaders to succeed in their mission to reach their own people for God!

Our mission is to teach, train, empower and equip Christian leaders, worldwide, to effectively fulfill their God-given purpose and their role in world evangelism.

Our goal is to lead a unified ministry organization that fulfills the mission of Jesus: sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and helping those in need. We provide support and accountability to local and national Christian churches and leaders through our experience in ministry, network of resources and proven partnerships.

What We Do

Leadership Development

We are empowering leaders around the world by providing Bible teaching, leadership and mentoring, friendship and networking, conferences, literature, financial support, project funding, spiritual accountability, financial accountability and ministry development.

Church Planting

We are committed to raising up and supporting local pastors to start churches in their communities. We believe the most effective way to reach and impact any community is by planting a strong and vibrant church there! Many church buildings have been built in Thailand and Myanmar through LCI.

Mobile Bible Training

Bible seminars are the “boot camp” for God’s mighty army. Men and women who sense a call of God on their lives for ministry service can attend our Bible seminars near their homes and churches to learn the Word of God, discover their God-given calling and receive the practical knowledge necessary to succeed in life and ministry.

Evangelistic Initiatives

We have a very strong conviction that regardless of a person’s physical circumstances or condition, the Gospel of salvation is their greatest need. Our goal is to minister to the whole person, but our primary goal is to see people experience salvation through Jesus Christ.

Children’s Homes

Human trafficking has become a serious global problem! And, the vast majority of human trafficking involves children. Children without parents are primary targets for the predators. We are committed to assisting the building and supporting of Children’s Homes in Thailand.

Disaster Relief & Humanitarian Aid

Tsunamis, earthquakes, monsoons, famine, and economic crisis have devastated countless thousands of people’s lives in the nations where we work. We provide: food, water, mosquito nets, house repair, medical aid, clothes, shoes and temporary housing.

Life Skills Empowerment

Rather than distributing money to people with needs, we believe in helping them to discover their God-given talents and abilities and equipping them with necessary resources to be able to thrive on their own. Examples are purchasing sewing machines for women to use in business, tractors and plants for farmers, business and language training for young people to prepare for success in the marketplace.

Literature Translation & Distribution

We strongly believe in the use of printed materials to bring spiritual, cultural and social change to communities and nations. Therefore, we are actively writing, translating, printing and distributing relevant and impacting Christian literature in the nations where we work.