Great move of God in Myanmar!

We have witnessed a tremendous number of new believers in Northeast Myanmar in 2022. LCI assisted in the completion of a new church building in Na Hkoe, Myanmar in 2021. Now in 2022, we have commissioned 2 pastors to villages where the gospel has not been preached. Already, hundreds have been baptized in spite of severe persecution. Please prayerfully consider donating to the building of 2 new church buildings in these 2 villages. Designate your donation to: “Myanmar Church Building.”

Many new believers baptized in Myanmar!
New church building in Myanmar!

Children’s Homes!

LCI is directly involved in several children’s homes in Thailand. We assess the condition of each home and evaluate its leaders. Here is how YOU can directly impact these kids:

1.$1 a day will feed a child in our children’s homes. We have over 100 kids in our network of homes. Your monthly donation of $30 will keep one child fed! Please prayerfully consider supporting one or more children.

2. Existing children’s home with 50 kids currently has no support and needs $300 USD per month to feed the children. These beautiful children love Jesus and worship passionately!

Please consider giving towards the needs of the children! Designate your donation to: “Children’s Homes Thailand.”

Empowering & Equipping!

Logos Communications International believes in empowering and equipping the people and churches with whom we network. Therefore, rarely do we directly give $ to anyone. Rather, we help them discover their gifts and talents and assist them with tools to better themselves with long range solutions. Some of these projects include: sewing machines for making products to sell, tractors and plants for farming, tools for construction workers, and language assistance. Would you consider helping LCI with these projects?

New sewing machine for village!
New tractor for village!